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The Cabo Bachelorette Hangover Cure

Everyone can recall the day-after scene in the movie “The Hangover.” Who doesn’t feel queasy just watching those guys trying to function in the morning after their big night? Imagine being savagely hungover and tripping over chickens, or stumbling onto babies and tigers. For most of us, feeling that physically ill keeps us in bed […]

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Trash the Dress, Cabo Destination Wedding

22 Ways to Trash the Dress, Cabo Style

Trashing your wedding dress is a trend that if you indulge in, will shock your mother, who will declare you are robbing her future granddaughter the joy of wearing her mother’s wedding dress. Don’t even think about what your grandmother will say… No matter the objections, dress trashing may just be on it’s the way […]

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Be the Best Guest

You’ve got the invite, you’ve got your wedding outfit, and you’re ready to party. But have you thought about how you can also be a good guest? Did you reply with a plus one and choose their meal? How fitting is your outfit? Are you coming up with less than appropriate zingers for a speech […]

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Destination Wedding Guest List Primer

Few wedding planning tasks are more grueling than tackling the wedding guest list and who gets an invitation. It seems like for every “absolute must” invite there are a dozen people in that grey area of “if we invite him/her we have to invite him/her, and if we invite him/her then we’ll have to invite […]

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Wow Those Wedding Vows – Wedding Vow Advice

The wedding planning process is really a series of decisions (make that a virtual monsoon of decisions) on how you will present the best versions of you and your fiancee to the public. Many of these decisions involve basic things like your decor & color preferences, favorite clothing, food, and music styles, etc. No biggie. […]

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Hire or not Hire: Why use a Cabo Wedding Planner?

Planning for a wedding is an incredibly exciting time – few other events in our lives are filled with as much joy and celebration. However, there are a mind-boggling number of detailed plans that go into making a once-in-a-lifetime event run smoothly. With a busy career and personal life, it can be challenging to find […]

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Why Say “I Do” to a Cabo Winter Wedding?

Los Cabos, perched at the tip of the 1,000-mile long Baja Peninsula, is known for pristine beaches, world-class golf courses, sports fishing tournaments, the Ironman Triathlon series, the Los Cabo International Film Festival, steadily growing eco-tourism, and much more. This paradise has so much to offer anyone who wants to have a winter wedding, especially […]

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Top Ten Ways to Appreciate your Destination Wedding Guests

Celebrating a beautiful destination wedding without happy guests is unthinkable. No matter the distance they must travel, your destination wedding guests have to make a much greater effort to celebrate your special day with you than if it were in their or your hometown. Couples can show their gratitude by putting extra effort into planning […]

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Wedding Traditions, Myth or Must?

Recently, we heard about a wedding procession where the bride’s train began to fall off her dress and as she walked alongside her new husband. Traditionally, her maid of honor would have been following normal wedding traditions and attending her, where she could have performed a quick save. But there was no maid of honor, […]

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Top Ten Things You Don’t Say to Your Bridesmaids

They’re your girls. You can talk about everything with them, and have, from who’s crushing on who right down to what looks just terrible on who. You’ve held back each others hair at the worst of times, yelled at each other at the best of times and have always had each other’s backs. The truth […]

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