5 Tips for Planning Your Wedding in Los Cabos

What can be more enhancing than holding the hands of your love, in the presence of those who matter the most and saying ‘I do’ amidst the captivating natural views of Cabo? Sounds like a dream come true, right? This is precisely how you can visualize a wedding in Los Cabos.

Located at around 1000 miles south of Tijuana, Cabo is a perfect place for a romantic destination wedding. Frequently rated as one of the most enchanting vacation spots; Los Cabos offers exotic beaches, vibrant nightlife, scuba diving, golfing, and much more. Having a wedding in Cabo is ticking off many to-dos of your bucket list with your better half – right after tying the knot.

Here are our 5 tips if you are planning your wedding in Los Cabos so that you can make most of this incredible opportunity.

1. Plan your Wedding by the Seaside:

As posh as it may sound; having your wedding in Cabo by the seaside is less expensive than a formal wedding venue. Yes, you heard it right! Allowing nature to offer a breathtaking backdrop; the wedding on a Cabo seashore requires minimum decoration. All you would need a white arch adorned with local seasonal flowers, and it will offer a striking contrast with the sea backdrop.

The beautiful blue water at Cabo beaches, along with the sea birds, sand, and nature is just perfect for your wedding pictures. On a side note, the water naturally induces a calming effect, reducing the stress off your nerves.

If you prefer night weddings, the sunset at the Cabo beach is breathtaking and offers colorful hues right before the sun goes down.

2. Put Some Thought on when to Plan your Wedding in Cabo:

While planning your Cabo wedding, there are certain factors that you would like to consider. These elements include seasonal conditions, crowd, prices, and local celebrations. You will have to tick-off the most unfavorable factors for you to decide the best time of the year for your wedding in Los Cabos.

Winters and early Spring are recommended seasons for traveling to Cabo; however, this is exactly when you can expect this place to be overcrowded. Additionally, the peak months pose a hike in the prices. Whether hotels or the vendors; you can expect them to charge extra during this time of the year. Autumns are the off-peak months but there might a few rainfalls making a wedding plan a bit inconvenient. Summers, generally, are extra hot in Cabo.

If whale watching is part of your activities plan, then November and December are the ideal months to visit Cabo. From our experience, the best time to organize your wedding in Cabo is May or June, that is after the crowds and right before the heat.

No matter what time of the year you decide for your wedding, make sure to do some weather research and pack your clothing accordingly.

3. Hire a Local Wedding Planner:

In this era of the internet, where we can book almost anything online – our recommendation is to book a local wedding planner that knows Cabo inside out. Hiring a local wedding planner will not only relieve you from the nitty-gritty of arrangements, but you’ll most likely find an economical wedding package.

Moreover, a local planner will be able to assist you with the tips to explore the city and will be your empathetic guide on your journey.

Contact us with your budget and requirements. One of our team members from Del Cabo Weddings will be happy to assist you on a wedding package that fits your needs.

4. Invest in Cabo Guide Vouchers for Big Savings:

After a memorable wedding in Cabo, you’ll undoubtedly be looking forward to some exciting activities to keep up with the spirit. As a resort city, this luxurious paradise has a lot to offer to its visitors. The discount vouchers will help save big in almost all the activities in Cabo. Whether you are planning a shopping excursion or want to dine in a fine restaurant; these vouchers will likely bring a discount of at least 30 percent of the total cost.

The vouchers are available for a variety of activities including golfing, sailing, off-road runners, dolphin discover, and much more. However, there might be a few rules that you’ll need to get familiar with before availing the discount vouchers.

5. Arrange your Documents ahead of time:

Be aware of the visa and the required travel documents before you catch your flight. Though the requirements may vary for different countries, generally you need a Tourist card or FMT. If you plan to obtain your Tourist Card on arrival at the airport, make sure to keep your citizenship document handy. The citizenship proof may include a photo ID, voter’s registration card, passport, or naturalization papers. Take due care of your Tourist card while you’re in Cabo because you’ll have to show it again when you are leaving Mexico.

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